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Don’t assume, ask. Be kind. Tell the truth. Don’t say anything you can’t stand behind fully. Have integrity. Tell people how you feel. - Warsan Shire (via quotes-shape-us)

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Am I the only one who keeps their phone on silent 99.3 % of the time

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livin a life of constantly being a little bit sleepy and mildly turned on

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privileged kids go to counseling, poor kids go to jail. - judge mathis, speaking the truth (via spring1999)

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reasons i want to look GOOD 

  • for myself
  • for myself
  • to plant the seed of envy in other bitch’s hearts
  • for myself

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Yeah cuddling naked is nice but there is something so sensual about laying together with your clothes on just to have them lift your shirt a little and grab your hip, then run their hand up and down your body to tease you. And by having just a small bit of your skin exposed, it leaves your body begging for more, and your nerves burn to have their hand pull your shirt up just a little more, grab your waist and caress your skin. Then the sweet and dangerous motion of their hand tugging your pants down slightly to give you false hope of satisfaction is dispelled by the sudden tug to pull your pants back up, and it gives you the feeling of dire need to be touched more. Clothes are great, actually.

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I love you so much I’ll stop talking to you if that’s what you want.
I love you so much I’ll pretend I don’t know you if that’s what you want.
I love you so much I’ll pretend I don’t if that’s what you want.
I love you so much I’ll force my emotions away if that’s what you want.
I love you so…

The nicest people I’ve ever met were covered in tattoos and piercings and the most judgemental people I’ve ever met are the ones that go to church every Sunday. - Unknown  (via perfect)

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